Avatar comes again

In 2010,Avatar is the most popular dvd movie,it is not good at plot,but it attracts a lot of audiences all around the world.Avatar” may soon be booked for a second run at digital and Imax 3-D theaters this summer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Cameron is in discussions with Fox to work out a re-release of the film, possibly with additional scenes that were cut from the original. In New York on Thursday, Imax’s chief executive, Richard L. Gelfond, said that Mr. Cameron had about 40 minutes of extra material. Only about 10 minutes of film could be added, though, to keep under the 170-minute maximum length a movie can be released in analog Imax theaters. But that is just the amount Mr. Cameron has said he could easily push through postproduction for a director’s cut or for the DVD release, including a scene in which Jake Sully further proves himself to the Na’vi people, and another surrounding a native festival. “Avatar” was taken out of 3-D theaters to make way for the opening of Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.” At a demonstration of 3-D TV in New York last week, Mr. Cameron told USA Today, “The word we’re getting back from exhibitors is we probably left a couple hundred million dollars on the table as a result.”It is really a ready source of money.

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