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The Avatar has been released .Clearly, James Cameron is a bit of an adrenaline junkie. From taking on the sequel to the widely-praised Alien, to relying on groundbreaking effects in The Abyss and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, we can safely assume that the man is uninterested in projects devoid of risk. How then can he possibly top himself after helming Titanic, the most expensive and ambitious film of all time? It took Cameron almost a decade to figure that out, and here is his answer.Set in 2154, Avatar follows the story of a paraplegic Marine named Jake Sully (Sam Worthington). Jake's twin brother, Tony, is also a soldier and a recent casualty. Jake is informed that his brother was part of a government program called "Avatar" that allows human beings to inhabit surrogate bodies of an alien race, and that as his brother's twin, his genetic makeup would make for a seamless transition. The aliens being imitated are the Na'vi, a simple, spiritual race who inhabit a moon called Pandora.Humanity's intentions on Pandora are not entirely benign; the moon houses an extremely valuable mineral, and as it so happens there's a giant, sacred tree smack dab on a giant deposit of the stuff. The mineral is called -- this is not a joke -- "Unobtanium," and comes straight off the Periodic Table of MacGuffins.The Avatar program is largely a token attempt at diplomacy to convince the Na'vi to relocate, but it also serves as a source of useful intelligence and field research, in case they need some convincing. Jake barters his services as a spy in exchange for a surgery that would restore the use of his legs. The build-up to Jake's first session inside an Avatar is the most deftly handled part of the film. As a soldier, Jake is nothing without his body, and his reaction to his newfound freedom is genuinely exhilarating.It goes without saying that Jake becomes enchanted with the planet and its people; particularly a Na'vi princess named Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña). The subsequent events, and the choices Jake is forced to make as a result, are so predictable that they're not worth describing. You already know this film's ending, and you probably know its beginning and middle, too.Many have hailed Avatar as the blockbuster that will bring 3-D technology beyond its relegation to family films and into the cinematic mainstream, but the experience is still extremely rough around the edges. Many shots force the viewer to pick which part of the screen they want to focus on, and almost all usage is either gimmicky or unnecessary. Perhaps this is the future of filmmaking, but if so, it's a distant future. As-is, the technology is as likely to lead to distraction as it is to immersion.Despite the wealth of depth coming out of the screen, very little has been given to the people on it. The Big Bad Corporation cliché is already a pervasive Hollywood trope, but Avatar takes it to new heights. Giovanni Ribisi has the thankless task of playing a grotesque caricature of a businessman who expresses various forms of casual bigotry and makes glib comments about the havoc he plans to wreak. He exhibits a focus on profits so crude that it would offend Scrooge McDuck. As far as villains go, the bad guys in Avatar are ironically two-dimensional.As advanced as the technology behind this film is, the raw detail level of Pandora is more ambitious still. Cameron has clearly gone to painstaking lengths to map out a believable ecosystem. But despite the director's quasi-Tolkienian emphasis on scope, there's still something missing. It feels less like a genuine burst of creativity, and more like a tower of labor. Its creativity is achieved with brute force, overwhelming us not with artistic elegance, but with sheer volume.On a purely technical level, the visuals are about as crisp and impressive as anything previously put on screen. Some are realistic to the point of their own detriment; most of the less flamboyant floral on Pandora looks so real that it doesn't even register as an effect.But what of the Na'vi? Asking if they look "realistic" has no real answer. No matter how impressive the technology is (and it's quite impressive), there are some things our mind will always tell us is fake, and 10-foot tall blue humanoids are near the top of the list. The highest compliment that can be paid to Cameron and his effects team is that they've made the Na'vi look like they could be real, and if nothing else, they've confirmed what Robert Zemeckis suspected when he made Beowulf: that motion capture performances can effectively convey genuine emotions. Consider the "Uncanny Valley" officially bridged.If you're reading this, you're accessing the Internet, so the odds are good that you know that an "avatar" is an image someone uses to represent themselves. It goes without saying that the person and the avatar don't always look similar, which makes Avatar's title fitting in a way it did not intend: it projects a lovely image out to the world, but that image isn't what it really is.Avatar is like a knock off sculpture slathered in brilliant paint. No matter how eye-catching the design on top is, it cannot alter the shape of what's beneath it, or the fact that we've seen it before. 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