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Eureka Season 4.5 Product Details Actors: Joe Morton, Colin Ferguson Format: AC-3, Box set, Color, Dolby, DVD, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC Language: English Subtitles: English Region: Region free Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1 Number of discs: 3 Rated: Unrated Studio: Universal Studios DVD Release Date: March 27, 2012

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  • Eureka Season 4.5
  • Eureka Season 4.5
  • Eureka Season 4.5
  • Eureka Season 4.5
  • Eureka Season 4.5
  • Eureka Season 4.5
Eureka Season 4.5 Eureka Season 4.5 Eureka Season 4.5 Eureka Season 4.5 Eureka Season 4.5 Eureka Season 4.5

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If you just abide, there's bound to be a DVD set coming out with the full fourth season of EUREKA. But if you can't wait and you already have EUREKA 4.0, then ponder getting your paws on this one. EUREKA Season 4.5 features these episodes:

- Episode #10 - "O Little Town" - Chris Parnell guest stars merrily as Taggart's "Santaology" experiment is fiddled with, causing the rapid shrinking of the entire town, perhaps out of existence. A fine Christmas episode.

- Episode #11 - "Liftoff" - If you're in camp Fargo, then your boy gets a chance to shine as he and Zane accidentally get launched into space in what was intended to be an unmanned space probe.

- Episode #12 - "Reprise" - First appearance of geek goddess Felicia Day as a socially awkward scientist newly arrived to Eureka, except that she unwittingly brung a virus with her which insinuates itself into the town's music database and compels listeners to act out song lyrics.

- Episode #13 - "Glimpse" - As scientists vie for a place on the Astraeus mission crew, Jack and Jo field test revolutionary contact lenses which can predict potential security risks. Meanwhile, Alisson's behavior continues to become more erratic.

- Episode #14 - "Up in the Air" - Sheriff Carter is apprised of a bank robbery, and this initially excites Carter - he's just happy to land an old-fashioned crime for once - until he learns that the entire bank itself has been stolen. Meanwhile, Allison's time fugues worsen. See this one for Carter's aggravated histrionics when, to save the day, he's forced to dangerously float up to the airborne bank.

- Episode #15 - "Omega Girls" - Zoe Carter visits from college and gets her Die Hard on when Eureka's residents fall into a coma and Zoe is left by herself to fend off an incursion.

- Episode #16 - "Of Mites and Men" - It's Carter versus a horde of destructive, invulnerable nanite bugs even as several of the Astraeus candidates are confined to a cramped underground cell designed for psychological stress testing.

- Episode #17 - "Clash of the Titans" - Wallace Shawn guest stars as a "relationship auditor" from the DoD come to Eureka to assess Carter and Allison's relationship. This coincides with the arrival of the robot probe Tiny, except that Tiny has brought along Titan's lethal atmosphere to Eureka. But never mind that. Will Wallace Shawn ruin the good thing Carter and Allison's got going? Inconceivable!

- Episode #18 - "This One Time at Space Camp..." - This episode gives us peeks into the Astraeus candidates' pasts as they undergo final interviews. An accident leaves the relationship auditor reliving Carter's past exploits.

- Episode #19 - "One Small Step" - The Eureka think tank (and Carter) scrambles to retrieve a steadily declining Deputy Andy who is stranded on Titan and exposed to its unforgivable environs. This is a surprisingly emotional episode that humanizes Deputy Andy and his girlfriend, the smart house Sarah. I love Kavan Smith's performance here as Deputy Andy.

- Episode #20 - "One Giant Leap" - Essentially the season finale. On the day of the big launch to Titan, micro black holes appear in Eureka, threatening to destroy the world.

In Episode #21 - "Do You See What I See?" - things get a bit... sketchy. It's another fun Christmas episode, one which integrates an out-of-control holobook, evil snow ninjas, and animation (in all its formats) into the story. No word yet on whether this episode will be included. But why shouldn't it be?

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