How to Train Your Dragon has another name

How to Train Your Dragon is very hot these days.It is the most cool cartoon i saw until now.The most successful animated feature in theaters for the past month has been the comic tale “How to Train Your Dragon,” but that’s not the title you’ll hear if you watch the film’s television commercials.Instead, in an intriguing bit of midstream re-branding, the TV spots changed a couple of weeks ago: initial ads used the film’s actual title, but current ones substitute a voiceover that twice refers to the film as “DreamWorks’ Dragons.”Not just “Dragon,” or "Dragons," but “DreamWorks’ Dragons.” The move links the studio name with the movie in a way that’s extremely rare outside of Disney, which has been known to incorporate its name into titles. (Witness last year’s “Disney’s A Christmas Carol.”)At least four earlier TV spots referred to the film by its full name. But after the film's release, the studio introduced a new TV spot in which the voiceover says, "Rolling Stone raves, DreamWorks' Dragons is funny, touching and works miracles in 3D," and then uses the "DreamWorks' Dragons" name once more at the end of the ad.  (The Rolling Stone review does use the words funny and touching and the phrase "works enough miracles of 3D animation," but it never actually mentions DreamWorks by name.) I like the name "DreamWorks Dragons" then "How to Train Your Dragon".The latter name is so blank,we will know what the movie talk about when we saw the latter title at the beginning.It can't attract our curious.So i prefer the 1st name ,it is poetry.

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