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Movie Name : Lucifer: Season 6 (2021) Movie Category : Lucifer All Season in Hindi Dubbed Genre : Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller, TV Show, Release Date : 2021 Staring : Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Director: Richard Speight Jr,

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Lucifer Season 6 Lucifer Season 6 Lucifer Season 6 Lucifer Season 6

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Lucifer Season 6

Lucifer, as we saw in the last season, was supposed to take his rightful place as God but wait, is it really that easy? Netflix recently dropped the trailer of the last and the final season of the show Lucifer. And it looks like our lovely devil has to take one last ride down the mystery train. The trailer hints at Lucifer still preparing to take his place as God in heaven and tieing up all loose ends on earth. But there is a mystery yet to be solved on earth, a new villain is to be battled with, and some animation.

Lucifer’s hell is seeing a new entrant who has taken up his throne and has turned everything upside down. And since our charming devil-turned-God hasn’t taken up his new place in heaven yet, an apocalypse is near and everyone comes together to save the earth. As soon as Chloe and Lucifer open the door of one of hell’s rooms, they enter into a cartoon-like animated world. This last ride has to offer a lot, from Lucifer wrapping up unfinished business and giving up his love for solving mysteries to an apocalypse hitting them all and some time spent in the animated world. This last ride seems like an interesting goodbye to our personal devil-turned-hero, Lucifer as all bad things must come to an end.

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