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  • One Tree Hill season 1 - 5
  • One Tree Hill season 1 - 5
  • One Tree Hill season 1 - 5
One Tree Hill season 1 - 5 One Tree Hill season 1 - 5 One Tree Hill season 1 - 5

About One Tree Hill season 1 - 5

One Tree hill used to be a very good TV series dvd in 2007 -- 2008,   it is in hot sale on ebay for 8 months. Its not a very good sale items now, but stil can be a classical dvd. Tree Hill is a small town. Maybe too small for half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott, who share the same father but two very different lives. Nathan is the golden boy, Lucas the abandoned illegitimate son - and now both of them are on the same basketball team. Featuring all 22 Year-One Episodes, this Bonus-Packed Collection chronicles the heartbreak, challenges, lies, and loves that erupt from the fateful new relationship between Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan (James Lafferty). Given their pasts, the boys would have a hard enough time working together. But add in the romantic compilations engendered by three beautiful girls - plus the emotional turmoil created by adults who relive (and sometimes regret) their long-ago decisions - and lives are guaranteed to collide.

Season 2

What a difference a school year makes. At first half-brothers Nathan and Lucas Scott were bitter rivals on and off the basketball court. Now they bond as brothers. But theres drama, trauma, devotion, betrayal, twists and turns to come.

This DVD set containing all 22 Season Two Episodes plus Insightful Extras, continues the powerful saga of secrets kept and secrets revealed. To protect those he loves, Lucas moves in with Dan. Brooke and Peyton mend their friendship - and begin a year of romantic turmoil for both. Nathan and Haleys marriage frays. Newcomers to Tree Hill High push emotions into high gear. And in the background is vindictive Dan Scott, controlling others like an evil puppet master. But there are some things even he cant control.

Season 3

Senior year. A time to grow up, to forget, to forgive, to dream, to learn to love all over again. People come together - except Dan, consumed by anger as he tracks down whoever started the fire that almost took his life. "Tree Hill" is rocked by powerful new events - the good, the bad and the catastrophic. The good: Haley fights to save her marriage, Peyton comes to terms with her birth mother, Brooke creates a hot clothing line, and Keith comes home. The bad: Dan gets a rival for worst person in Tree Hill - a conniving redhead named Rachel, the new girl at school. The catastrophic: Tragedy strikes Tree Hill High, and suddenly who wins the cheerleading tournament or basketball championship seems insignificant compared to who lives. And who doesnt

Season 4

It’s graduation time at Tree Hill High and the tension between half-brothers Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) is still running high. Peyton has to ward off the attentions of a sinister admirer, while the Tree Hill Ravens have one last chance to win the state championship. ONE TREE HILL: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON features 21 episodes including Pictures of You, You Call it Madness But I Call it Love, Ashes of Dreams You Let Die, and All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone.

Season 5  

Hello again! Four and a half years after the searing and surprising events that marked their final days at Tree Hill High, old friends return to their North Carolina hometown. Some of them reached the goals they set as teens: Lucas published his novel, Brooke rocked the fashion world as an acclaimed couturiere and Haley became the teacher she always yearned to be. Some didnt: Peyton crashed and burned in L.A., and Nathan saw his promise of pro hoops glory evaporate in a single, violent moment. But once theyre back home in this involving 5-Disc, 18-Episode Season Five Set, everyone discovers so much is the same: love, friendship, challenges, triumphs, laughs, tears... and dreams. As Lucas says, its just the beginning.

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