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Name : Rome Season 2

Categories : TV Series dvd

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Number of discs : 5 dvd

Genre : Drama

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Rome Season 2 Rome Season 2

About Rome Season 2

Name: ROME Season 2

Item No.:RO

DVDs:  5dvd



ROME Complete Season 2


Language : Original English Audio

Video : Genuine DVD quality, Full Screen

Subtitles :  English

Code & Format : NTSC & PAL compatible

Playable on any DVD Player & DVD-Rom & PS 2

Item Condition : Factory sealed, never opened ,Hard Paper Box movie

Movie description

The second season of HBO/BBC series ROME takes place in 44 BC, eight years after the period covered in the first season. The show continues to revolve around the plight of two Roman soldiers, Lucius Vorenus (Kevin McKidd) and Titus Pullo (Ray Stevenson), who find themselves caught up in a civil war after Caesar is assassinated. As powerful leadership battles play out between historic figures such as Octavian and Marc Antony, Luciuss life is marred by personal misfortune. The complete second season of the show is included here.

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