The differences between dvd 5 and dvd 9

For dvd, there are 3 kinds of dvd on market for sale now: dvd 5, dvd 9 and blu ray dvd. Everybody can easily tell the difference of blu ray from other 2 dvd kinds. But few people can tell the differences between dvd 5 and dvd 9. There are 2 ways to tell the differences:

1. tell from capacity:

When you put them into your computer, you can see the dvd 5 is less than 4.2GB, and dvd 9 are usually 4.5GB to 8GB. this is the most easy way to tell the differences.

2. tell from the colour of the colour.

When you compare the colour of dvd 5 and dvd 9, check at the back of the dvd, you can see the dvd 5 reflects white light only, but the dvd 9 reflects golden light. And usually, there are letters shows it is dvd 9, but dvd 5 usually does not show it is dvd 5.


Important infomation:

There is a kind of dvd, it has capacity less than 4.5GB, but it shows DVD d9. This is fake dvd 9, but it is dvd 5 in fact. There are almost no differences between them, because the are the same efect when play,  no any differences. Now 80% of the ebay resellers sell this kind of dvd, because ebay buyer can not tell this is not dvd 9, and they do not care too, they just care about if they play with a every good efect.

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