Evil Aliens

Release Date:July 20th, 2010 Genre:Horror Edition:Rated/Unrated Blu-ray Format:Blu-ray Studio:Image UPC:014381661255 Production Year:2010 Evil Aliens dvd wholesale,Evil Aliens dvd dropship will on dvd-fan soon.

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Name : Evil Aliens

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Evil Aliens

About Evil Aliens

Evil Aliens  dvd wholesale,Evil Aliens  dvd dropship will on dvd-fan soon.A tabloid television news magazine host and her ramshackle crew have a gruesome close encounter when they set out to investigate an alien abduction in director Jake West's no-holds-barred splatstick comedy. Cat (Jennifer Evans) and her boyfriend were copulating in a moonlit graveyard when they were abducted by a malevolent gang of extraterrestrials and forced to endure a most unseemly series of highly-intrusive medical tests. Though Cat would eventually find her way back to terra firma, something strange seems to be growing inside of her and the man she was with that night has never been heard from again. When exploitive "Weird Worlde" hostess Michelle Fox (Emily Booth) catches wind of the Cat's story, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to resuscitate her failing ratings and get her show back in the spotlight. With keen-eyed cameraman Ricky (Sam Butler), stoned-out sound guy Jack (Peter McNeil O'Connor", spotty-skinned ufologist Gavin (Jamie Honeybourne) and reenactment actors Candy (Jodie Shaw) and Bruce (Nick Smithers) in tow...Evil Aliens  dvd wholesale,Evil Aliens  dvd dropship here soon.

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