Family Guy Volume 1-9

Family Guy Volume 1-9 DVD Details: Actors: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Mila Kunis, Seth Green, Lacey Chabert Director: Release Date: 12/13/2012 Format: 28 discs on 9 Box Sets, Full Frame Region: Region free Language: English Available Subtitles: Running Time: Minutes

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Name : Family Guy Volume 1-9

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Number of discs : 28

Genre : cartoon

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  • Family Guy Volume 1-9
Family Guy Volume 1-9

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Family Guy Volume 1-9 DVD Synopsis

Volume 1 (Season 1 & 2)

Meet the Griffins: Peter, the big, lovable oaf who always says what's on his mind. Lois, the doting mother who can't figure out why her baby son keeps trying to kill her. Their daughter Meg, the teen drama queen who's constantly embarrassed by her family. Chris, the beefy 13-year-old who wouldn't hurt a fly, unless it landed on his hot dog. Stewie, the maniacal one-year-old bent on world domination. And Brian, the sarcastic dog with a wit as dry as the martinis he drinks. The animated adventures of this outrageous family will have your whole family laughing out loud.

Volume 2 (Season 3)

Family Guy Volume 2 sees the return of America's most outrageous animated family with all 21 season three episodes, plus one never-before-seen episode-"When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" banned from TV, and only available in this collection!

In this hilarious final volume, the Griffin family faces all new dilemmas, including Brian's unintentional foray into directing porn, Stewie's rants on national TV, Meg's date with a nudist and Lois's Yuletide insanity.

Meanwhile, Peter is surprised to discover Lois was once a groupie, and his son, Chris, is more "endowed" than he is.

Volume 3 (season 4)

This wildly irreverent, shrewdly crude animated sensation that has been confounding the PC police since the last millennium is back! Not even the insufferable humiliation of network cancellation was enough to keep "TV's most outrageous cartoon clan" (TV Guide) down. So raise your martini glasses in unison as Family Guy returns with a vengeance for 13 more hilarious episodes that find Peter going blind, Lois in prison, Meg getting a makeover, Chris befriending a talking zit, Stewie smitten with his sitter, and Brian winning the heart of "The Bachelorette."

Voume 4 (Season 5)

Fasten your sofa belts for another fiendishly futile attempt at world domination for Stewie-and a diaper full of fun for "Family Guy" fans around the globe! Boasting laughs as big as Peter's waistline, these 14 hilarious episodes from Season Four find television's most outrageous animated family in all sorts of comically compromising situations.

Volume 5

Critics agree... of all the animated shows featuring a talking dog and a maniacal baby, Family Guy is certainly one of them! Join the Griffin clan for another 13 freakin' funny episodes that'll keep you laughing long after the series gets cancelled again. Witness panicky Peter's first prostate exam; see lovable Lois jump into bed with Bill Clinton; watch miserable Meg get a crappy job at the local superstore; hear crazy Chris sing in a goth band; follow boozing Brian all the way to Iraq and back; and get a rare glimpse of smitten Stewie as he hooks up with a very young old flame. Sweet!

Volume 6

Well, it had to happen. After years of diabolical plotting, Stewie delivers on his most prized threat and kills Lois. Or does he? But wait, there are even more plot twists in these 12 outrageously funny episodes, including the show's 100th episode!

Volume 7

You'd have to be freakin' crazy to miss out on the superb seventh volume of Family Guy! Loaded with laughs, these 13 hilarious episodes continue the outrageous adventures of Peter, Lois, Chris, Brian, baby Stewie and what's her name. Victory is yours!

Volume 8

Marijuana! Religion! Evil monkeys! Older women! Volume Eight tackles all this and more! Don't miss these 15 hilarious Family Guy episodes as the lovable Griffins face each uproarious misadventures with no fear....and no shame

Volume 9

There's a killer amongst us as the citizens of Quahog gather at James Woods' mansion for a night of intrigue and murder! Will Peter solve the mystery... or will he just make it worse, as usual? Join all your Family Guy favorites for this classic whodunit, plus 13 other hilarious episodes, including the show's milestone 150th episode, the controversial "Extra Large Medium," and more!

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