Feelings About the Green Book

Tony lip, a white guy who works in nightclubs at public relations and only solves problems with violence.This paragraph impressed me deeply , because he spent a little money to bribe this girl in the clothes store after the rich man left, and then took out his hat in front of the rich man, and made a circle to let himself have a sense of existence in front of the rich man.And let his position in the eyes of those businessmen suddenly become equal, brother, would you like a drink?But there is nothing wrong with that. A white man from the middle and lower classes, with a family of four people, a wife and two sons, and a water and electricity bill for each family that he earns money by himself, does he really have to eat 26 sausage buns for a living?

This is hilarious, the assistant says" fill it out while u wait". But his speed is super fast, and it's like a Chinese person speaking dialect with someone he knows speaking quickly and indistinguishably. This frame also implies the differences between lip and musician Shirley's status and identity.I could get him to beg your pardon.

  After a few words of introduction, your seated conversation starts with the question

'them horns real?"If I put these words into the offends me, because often a man who knows how to social etiquette not directly ask these, like your heart want to know whether it is true or not, but it's no meaning you know it, so often go to a person's home should enjoy Angle to comment on other people in a home furnishing articles "wow, that 's ivory looks magnificent."

  In the end,we all need love.We all need love.Need to be cared about.You need a sense of being.

We all need it. There's no denying it

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