Fringe season 1-5

Fringe season 1-5 Director : Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci Run time : 66 hours and 40 minutes Release date : 4 September 2014 Actors : Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble Dubbed: : English Subtitles: : English Studio : Sony DADC Number of discs : 29 Manufacturer : Sony DADC Item Weight :1.37KG

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Name : Fringe season 1-5

Categories : TV Series dvd

Price : $40.60

Number of discs : 29

Genre : TV Series

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weight : 1.37kg

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  •  Fringe season 1-5
  •  Fringe season 1-5
 Fringe season 1-5  Fringe season 1-5

About Fringe season 1-5

Fringe season 1-5

This release includes all episodes from the first to the fifth series of the paranormal drama series Fringe, following the investigations of the FBI's Fringe Division, a Joint Federal Task Force supported primarily by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who look into everything from shapeshifters to psychic abilities.

All five seasons of the sci-fi television drama, co-created by J.J. Abrams, following a team investigating cases of strange phenomena that exist on the fringes of science. FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) suspects a sinister presence behind bizarre and unexplained events and enlists the help of a scientist who has been in a mental institution for the last 17 years, Walter Bishop (John Noble), along with his son, Peter (Joshua Jackson). Together, they explore various cases which go beyond the realms of normal police work and soon begin to uncover a trail leading to a global corporation called Massive Dynamic.

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