Is DVD sale still a good way to make monkey?

1.Market Investigation

Through a global report,since 2008, DVD sales have declined more than 86%.A combination of the Great Recession, a rise in customers buying on-demand and digital copies of films and the launch of streaming services is what has caused DVD sales to plummet.Since 2011, platforms like Netflix, Hulu and HBO have seen sales balloon 1,231% to $12.9 billion.

But People still buy DVDs. Again, even in an age of streaming, when folks could sign up to Disney , 3 million families in the US alone bought a DVD for Frozen II instead of watching it there.

DVD sales aren’t films only. TV has always had a spot on the list. Here’s a rough categorization of how film sales looked in the last two years or so:

In the United States with just physical discs, the big studios sold $2.4 billion dollars worth of discs. Yes, studios don’t keep that whole price, but that’s still a lot of extra money for each film. And this just physical home entertainment, a shrinking market. Electronic sales are now a much bigger piece of the pie.

2.Cost compares Profit

Find a DVD factory, and get some latest DVDs which you think would make money.

Take Yellowstone Series DVD as an example. Compare prices from dvd wholesale company), Amazon and eBay. Price of is 17.5, Amazon is 48.84, and eBay is 32.9.

This shows it remains large space for benefit for resellers or retailers.

When you receive the DVDs, you can establish your own shop now. Start your own business and make for your own. Now building a DVD shop online is much more easier.

3.Easy to get start?

Take Amazon as an example for building online shop.

A.To get started, first visit

B.Click on "Create a free Amazon Business account" which you can easily find in the corner of the page.

C.Now, it will ask you about the email that you want to use for your Amazon business account. Or, you can use the one that is provided by your employer. Proceed further, by entering your name and password.

D.Amazon will ask you about your business information to get you to verify. For example, your address is written in your official documents.

E.To help you verified rapidly, you can even provide your credit card and tax information like a business tax ID, But you can skip this step.

F.It can take up to 24 hours for amazon to get you verified.


To make a conclusion, DVDs are still an area which can earn money. And the profit is much enough for retailers. Also, building an totally new online DVD shop is simple.

If you are willing to step into this area, you can contact me. I am glad to help. Whatsapp & skype:  86 17784177936

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