Is there a secret to avoiding customs issues?


i haven't bought anything from china, so i don't really know the proper time to clear customs. The item was shipped to me via DHL from china, it arrvived in California about 14 days ago and status on website hasn't changed since. it is still stuck on shipment on hold....does anyone have any experience?

i contacted the seller and they said they really couldn't do anything about it


i'm a dvd supplier from dvd-fan , but to be honest, i think you should ask for full refund. if they do not tell you these info. before you pay, they are scamers:

1. all dvds from China are copy, sure some come the same quality as authentic, but still copy.

2. if they do not take care of your customs problem, they should tell you before you pay. only half refund when it's blocked, it's not fair for you.

here is the info. about selling dvds:

1. to Canada, no DHL, it brings trouble from 2nd time you use DHL again.

    to USA. some place can be fast DHL without problem, some place usually get 80% DHL package blocked by customs. and some USA place cant use for any copy items no matter what shipping way you use. USPS. EMS, or DHL. all have big chance to be blocked. ( however there is still a good way to resolve this customs problem.)

2. disney dvds is not good for new dvds resellers. bec. disney have big chance to get problem when you start selling.

3. tv shows is best to start dvd business. but not big boxset. only single tv shows season. such as new released dvds, true blood season 4, one tree hill season 9 etc.

if you have any problem with selling dvds or get problem with customs, you can come to ask for advice, we will give help even you do not do business with us, it's glad to help.

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