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Mr. Bean (Voiced by Rowan Atkinson) - the series' main protagonist. He is mischievous and makes numerous disasters and always encounters problems in a roundabout way. He wants every environment around him to be clean. In A Royal Makeover, it is revealed that he lives in 112 Arbour Road as seen in the packages Elizabeth II sent to him and Mrs. Wicket

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  • Mr Bean: The Animated Series
Mr Bean: The Animated Series

About Mr Bean: The Animated Series

Mr Bean: The Animated Series is a 2002 animated television series based on the 1990 British TV series Mr. Bean. Characters from the original live action series included Mr. Bean, Irma Gobb, Teddy and the mysterious driver of the Reliant Supervan, with the addition of Mrs. Wicket, Bean's landlady, and her evil cat Scrapper. The series again featured little actual dialogue, with most being either little soundbites or mumbling. Rowan Atkinson provided the voice for Bean; additionally all of the animated Bean actions are taken from Atkinson himself. Other characters' voices are provided by real people like Jon Glover, Rupert Degas, Gary Martin, Sally Grace and Lorelei King. Disney Channel in Southeast Asia refers this series as "Mr. Bean - The Animated Series" and the original live-action series as "Mr. Bean - Live Action Series" in their schedule. The German version, aired on Super RTL, is titled "Mr. Bean - Die Cartoon-Serie". The show will return to the UK on Boomerang from July 2010, as announced by Turner Media Innovations

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