Reba Season 1-6

Reba Season 1-6 Product Weight : 0.838 Media Format : NTSC Release date : June 23, 2009 Actors : Reba McEntire Studio : Twentieth Century Fox Number of discs : 15

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Name : Reba Season 1-6

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  • Reba Season 1-6
  • Reba Season 1-6
  • Reba Season 1-6
  • Reba Season 1-6
  • Reba Season 1-6
Reba Season 1-6 Reba Season 1-6 Reba Season 1-6 Reba Season 1-6 Reba Season 1-6

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Reba Season 1-6


The white-picket-fence world of the Hart family collapses when Texas soccer mom Reba discovers that her dentist husband Brock is leaving her for his impossibly perky and unfortunately pregnant dental hygienist Barbra Jean. As if that bombshell isn't enough, Reba also learns that her 17-year-old daughter Cheyenne is pregnant by her boyfriend Van. Concerned with the effect all this chaos will have on 12-year-old Kyra, and 9-year-old Jake, and determined that her family will muddle through this domestic mess together, Reba summons her courage and plans a shotgun wedding.


Country legend and recent Broadway sensation Reba McEntire stars in Reba, a hilarious and spirited look at the "perfect" American family gone awry. The perfect holiday gift for every Reba fan.


First Reba Hart (Reba McEntire) had to get used to the fact that her husband of twenty years left her to marry his young dental assistant. Now she has to face the fact that her youngest daughter wants to go live with her ex-husband and his new wife! Hurt and angry, Reba struggles to accept her daughter's decision. But when her son also starts spending more time at his father's house, Reba fears she's losing her whole family. Although with her ex-husband's new wife constantly showing up asking for advice, Reba soon realizes that losing family is the last thing she needs to worry about!


It takes a lot of heart to keep a family like this one together. Country music superstar Reba McIntyre is back as Reba Hart, and as always, keeping the peace in her household is one hilarious challenge after another. Amid Brock and Barbara Jean's marital troubles, Cheyenne's personal struggles, Van's career crisis, and Kyra's growing pains, Reba somehow manages to keep the whole family functioning at a level just above dysfunctional. A little love, it turns out, goes a long way. Vibrant, touching, and laugh-out-loud funny, Season Four of Reba has it all!


Reba is back, and the Hart household is crazier than ever! Country music superstar Reba McEntire returns as the feisty-yet-frazzled head of the uproariously unpredictable Hart family, and this time, everyone has issues. While Cheyenne and Van struggle to save their rocky marriage, Brock is in danger of losing his home and Barbra Jean is simply driving the rest of the family insane! And still, with a little tough love and a whole lot of determination, Reba manages to keep her extended brood together, proving that she really is a survivor in the hilariously heartfelt Season Five of Reba.


Get ready to join country superstar Reba McEntire and bid farewell to America’s first family of down-home dysfunction in the hilarious and heart-felt final season of Reba. McEntire stars as Reba Hart, a feisty single mother whose family is feeling some major growing pains, and, as usual, Reba is caught in the middle, doing all she can to keep the peace—and her sanity.

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