She was detained

Ren said the incident in Canada brought him closer to his daughter.

Ren zhengfei was interviewed by foreign media again. This time he faced Canadian television cameras and talked for two hours. In the interview, ren revealed that his relationship with his daughter meng wanzhou had grown deeper because she was detained by Canada.

Ren said the relationship had grown closer since her daughter was detained in vancouver last year: "a month before her arrest, she [meng wanzhou] wanted to quit and work elsewhere. She is unhappy working here. But after our arrest, our father-daughter relationship improved. Now she understands how hard life can be."

Ren said he had little communication with his daughter before because they were both busy. "Now we talk on the phone every few days, we chat, we tell jokes, and I tell her anecdotes I read online. The events in Canada have brought my daughter and me closer together.

Even so, Mr Ren says his daughter cannot be a successor to huawei: "she has always been a manager, and managers need to be good at dealing with all kinds of problems. But as a leader, you need to be able to see what will happen 10 or 20 years from now. This ability to see the future must have a technical background -- without that, you can't predict what will happen in the future. She's not going to be her successor because she doesn't have that background."

"You have to go through a lot of pain before you can be a hero," ren said. If you don't have scars, you don't have hard skin."

"The meng wanzhou case is an isolated case, and I don't think it should affect Canada's relationship with huawei in any way," he added. "If the United States closes its doors, it will also be good for Canada," he said.

Ren stressed that his daughter had not committed a crime. "she has not violated any Canadian laws and regulations.

In the interview, Mr. Ren also talked about the impact of the U.S. allegations on huawei. He said he wasn't worried about damaging his business empire.

"I'm not worried," he told reporters. "we can only do better because they do a lot of publicity for us. As a matter of fact, we are only a small company. We are nothing special, but our strong competitors make us look stronger, so we become more popular."

Mr. Ren denied that his company was under government control and said the U.S. allegations made huawei a 'hot topic' around the world.

"I think huawei should pay for this advertising campaign because huawei has never been so famous in the world. They're advertising for us."

He said huawei had "no motive" for what the us called "spying" on behalf of the government.

"We have $100 billion a year in revenue, so if we had a back door, our customers in 140 countries would stop buying our equipment. If they stop buying our equipment, our company will go out of business." He said.

"Second, our government has made it clear that this is not something we would do." Ren said.

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