the advantages of huawei's 5G technology

What are the advantages of huawei's 5G technology ?You'll know from these ponits below:

The first point: huawei's 5G base station construction installation is more convenient, the construction of huawei on the one hand using a blade design, the design of the space is narrow, you know we are building the 5 g network base station, will be faced with any kind of installation environment, if you can't install in the environment? So huawei directly from the root to solve this one problem, chose not to choose the installation environment of blade design, most of the installation environment for such a design, no problem, such as roof, fan, tower, and so on, both commercial and civil, can very good to install, without considering the network deployment environment problem, huawei installation progress will be accelerated, there is no doubt that can save the cost of construction, and for huawei, which is an advantage.

The second point:Huawei 5G base stations and the integration of microwave technology, so that we can achieve a state of wireless to deploy 5 g network, for some not very concentrated distribution or are some of the region, laying optical fiber is more difficult that a black technology is really useful, want to know if there is no this technology, a lot of areas, there is no way to achieve the use of 5G, if huawei have to construction, will cost relatively more energy and money to operate, and with such a technology is completely no worry, saves cost, also can let more people enjoy the 5G network, the technology currently only huawei have .

Third, huawe has a determination to keep all difficulties for itself and convenience for its users. This is the problem of huawei's own corporate image, to be honest to do this business is little, a lot of enterprises are special without conscience, obsessed with their own interests, rather than on the user's enjoyment, so for this, small make up or give huawei a praise, actually such practices, huawei itself also can get good word of mouth, can let more users choose to huawei. To be strong, an enterprise must have such determination. Only when it has been improved can it be able to solve the problems of users.

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