The new character comes out on top

The avengers alliance 4: final wars to the movie "avengers alliance" series, which has a second brush brush 3, multiple 4 in addition to looking forward "spider-man: hero expedition" how to render the super heroes battle after the world, the more diffuse of fan is more, perhaps James worked through returning of "galaxy convoy 3".That's right!Guardians of the galaxy 3 is coming soon!

James worked only when excited at the end of June last year, said he had done "galaxy convoy 3" script, unexpected is immediately by netizens revealed he has the ultra comments on social networking sites, although James worked later delete comments, and explain these are kidding, but Disney management attaches great importance to this matter, decided to dismissed James guen director position.

And a planned "galaxy convoy 3" was released in 2020 suddenly seem remote, but it isn't over, James worked were dismissed by "galaxy convoy" actors who can't accept it, not only the hero "star jue" Chris para combined all the actors joint support director regression, "the destroyer" drax Dave batista said: "no James worked, not me."Even Bradley cooper and vin diesel, the voices of "rocket raccoon" and "treant," have signed on to support James gunn.In addition, Kevin Feige, the President of marvel, communicated with the top management actively. The fans even signed a petition, wishing Disney to take back the order.

Just when it seemed irretrievable, news broke that Disney decided to give James gunn another chance due to his sincerity.This is great news for marvel fans, but it's worth worrying that warner bros decided to let James gunn direct a new version of suicide squad to see if it can save DC fans a little bit of hope.

That will keep James gunn busy, making a "guardians of the galaxy 3" release impossible.But the good news is that guardians of the galaxy 3 is currently scheduled to begin production in 2020 and release in 2021, which means that guardians of the galaxy 3 will be released alongside the new suicide squad.But compared to the sense of distant disappointment, the release is enough to make fans happy.

According to foreign media reports, the original cast will return.Although no details have been released yet, the fact that thor was aboard the guardians of the galaxy ship at the end of the avengers: the last stand and happily announced that he was changing the name to Asgard guardians of the galaxy has led many to wonder what will happen when thor joins the team.At the end of the film, there is also a photo of the star-lord looking at gamora, which seems to indicate that he may have decided to look for the past gamora.In addition, Adam the demon (a member of the guardians of the galaxy?) is mentioned in the first two episodes.There also seems to be a chance to officially debut in episode 3.

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