TV Show Excited to Watch in 2021(11)

Barry (Season 3)


Bill Hader's Barry has established itself as some of the most ambitious, darkly comedic shows out there. Chances are, Season 3 is going to be depressing as hell. After taking out a monastery of gangsters he murdered purely out of rage in the Season 2 finale, there's now no denying that the titular hitman bitten by the acting bug is a Bad Guy. He is not a reformed killer; he's a killer-killer. With the cliffhanger that Barry's acting coach Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler) realizes his student's secret as he's being (wrongly) arrested for his cop girlfriend's murder, Barry should come back with a funbag of bleakness.

Better Call Saul (Season 6)


When it debuted in 2015, Better Call Saul stood under the bald, fedora-sporting shadow of Breaking Bad, referencing Walter White's crimes and hinting that it would catch up to that show's iconic ending. Now, closing in on its 13-episode final season, the prequel series stands on its own as a vivid, wrenching crime series. Given the show's level of creative consistency, it's hard to imagine an ending that fails to satisfy.

The Boondocks


Aaron MacGruder's hilarious Adult Swim anime-inspired staple is getting rebooted for HBO's streaming service on a two-season order and a 50-minute special. Details are light, but we do know that Granddad and his grandsons, Riley and Huey, will have to deal with the neo-Nazis that have established a tyrannical regime in their comfortable suburb. The Boondocks never tiptoed around its bold leftist and racial politics, and we can't wait to see what's in store with MacGruder back as showrunner after stepping away in Season 4.

Bosch (Season 7)

Amazon Prime

As Amazon Prime readies its Lord of the Rings series, undoubtedly its biggest attempt to court the mainstream, the service will say goodbye to its longest-running show. Bosch has rarely picked up awards attention, appeared on critic's top 10 lists, or generated buzz on social media, but this character-driven police drama starring Titus Welliver is as sturdy and reliable as TV shows get. The final season, which reportedly draws its plot from Michael Connelley's The Overlook and Dark Sacred Night books, should be a fitting sendoff.

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