5G Operation

On May 10, medical staff carried out the operation under the guidance of experts through a 5G remote cooperative operation platform in China.

On June 6, the ministry of industry and information technology officially issued basic telecom business licenses to China telecom, China mobile, China unicom and China radio and television, approving four enterprises to operate the "fifth-generation digital cellular mobile communication service" (commonly known as "5G").5G is characterized by high speed, low delay and high reliability, which is an important basis for the development direction of new generation information technology and digital economy.Currently, global 5G enters the critical period of commercial deployment.By combining independent innovation with openness and cooperation, China's 5G network construction will usher in new opportunities, bring revolutionary changes to domestic economic and social development, production and life, and play an exemplary role for the global mobile communication industry.

From the Internet to the Internet of things "5" is ten times faster than "4"

"5G supports the development of application scenarios from the mobile Internet to the mobile Internet of things, which will build a high-speed, mobile, secure and ubiquitous new generation of information infrastructure.At the same time, 5G will accelerate the digital transformation of many industries and social life.""Said miao wei, minister of industry and information technology.

4G changes life, 5G changes society.A 10G video, 4G download takes 15 minutes, 5G only 9 seconds;Driverless brakes control the reaction distance, 1.4 meters under 4G and 2.8 centimeters under 5G.

For 5G, operators have begun to make aggressive plans.China mobile will speed up the deployment of 5G network and vigorously promote the "5G " plan after the licensing, China mobile said. It will provide 5G services in more than 40 cities by the end of September this year, and users can start 5G services without changing their CARDS or Numbers.

When 5G comes, will it be expensive?Wang zhiqin, vice President of the China academy of information and communications technology, said that in the era of 5G, the unit traffic charges are lower and the cost performance is higher.The peak rate of 5G is 10 times higher than that of 4G. In the era of 5G, the data contained in the user plan will be greatly increased, but the per capita expenditure will not increase significantly, and the average tariff per unit of data will be further reduced.

Not only in network construction, but also in application innovation, all parties have begun to make active layout and build a new 5G ecology together.Since this year, from telemedicine and distance education to smart police stations, smart hotels and smart transportation, from unmanned driving to VR interaction and AR live broadcasting, 5G application scenarios in various regions have shown explosive growth. People can already see the subversive changes that 5G will bring to daily life in the future.

Promoting transformation brings opportunities to welcome the era of the Internet of things

Autopilot, smart ports, smart manufacturing...Industry insiders generally believe that 4G has a huge impact on the consumer sector, while 5G is more widely used in the industrial sector."We can think of 5G as a key that can unlock previously difficult real-world scenarios and allow digital technology to reshape the real world at a much smaller scale."Ma huateng, chairman and CEO of tencent.

From the Internet of everyone to the Internet of everything, from life to production, from the physical world to the digital world, in the 5G era, with the realization of Internet of things, Internet of vehicles, industrial Internet and other applications, it means unprecedented new opportunities for industries, logistics, transportation, energy and other industries, driving all kinds of enterprises to achieve digital transformation.

Vice President of zte Cui Li said, based on cooperation with domestic operators 5 g and outfield test network, in the field of intelligent manufacturing, zte and sany heavy industry, zhejiang central signed strategic cooperation agreement, 5 g industrial data acquisition and control system, intelligent remote control excavator manufacturing demonstration project success online, power industry upgrading.

"The future shift to industrial applications will require closer cooperation between vertical industries and network operations, which will provide personalized services."Wu hequan, an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, stressed that to make good use of 5G to develop 5G, it is necessary to build an environment that can better stimulate independent innovation, and promote the construction of an industrial development ecology that is Shared and co-built through opening platforms and strengthening cooperation.

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