Game of thrones retro haircuts we're serious

The long-awaited sixth season of game of thrones has officially opened.In addition to the plot, believe that actors and beautiful modeling is not unrelated!Although the cast is numerous, the production team is not careless at all. Even for the insignificant roles, she wears beautiful clothes, and the actors' hairstyles are perfect, which shows the heart and creativity of the stylists.

Review the most beautiful hairstyle demonstration in the past five seasons first, each model also has classic beauty quite!The first must be the mother of dragons!Storm-born, unburned, meereen queen, khaleesi...These titles are nothing, she is really a magical woman, the soul has magic, body is full of magic!

You can tell the ups and downs of daenerys life by her hairstyle. She's always in the right place when it comes to doing things.Want to let a person not love all difficult!The first appearance is a girl's pure appearance, silver gold long hair, retro medium roll, has a very attractive purple and blue eyes, as if she can be attracted to a look inside.

Daenerys was small and beautiful, cool and cool in front of the mighty dothraki, vanquishing their leader!Although there is no gorgeous wedding dress, a simple gray and white dress is enough, still is 80 ratio large partial part, the hair on both sides added low-key small hairpin, two bundles of hair back, the rest of the hair around the back.A look amazing world, she has been slowly growing.

Daenerys's marriage to khal drogo was a turning point in her life, and she grew into a strong and confident woman.After a lot of suffering, she is more and more brilliant, full of irresistible woman charm.Receive a visitor that day, her hair is still a loose, changed into a small curl, large partial part of the right braid a small twist, hidden in the long hair, if hidden if show the United States!

No one is born king, and the dragon mother is not born to ride dragons and win hearts and minds.Her determination and wisdom led her to grow up, and the most impressive thing in the struggle for power was her soul, which, despite all that she had experienced, was still pure.The queen's hairstyle is also delicate and domineering, the upper and lower two braids braid, the collection to the brain after the fixed, intentionally or unintentionally dropped the big curly hair more domineering queen.

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