Game of thrones season 8 is just around the corner. Which of the five happy endings do you see most?

Everyone knows game of thrones season 8 will be bloody and deadly. But will westeros have a happy ending?

As the final act of the epic's final season, "" game of thrones" "has a lot more to say. With the battle of the dragon and a duel with the forces of evil, fans have been looking forward to tragic, tragic and bloody destruction. Given the reputation game of thrones has built up for itself, it seems reasonable to suspect that the death toll may not exceed that of survivors once game of thrones is over.

It's not hard to imagine the show ending in tragedy, and there are few good stories in the series, so game of thrones won't end with a happy ending or two. George r.r. Martin promised that game of thrones, based on the novel a song of ice and fire, would end on a "bittersweet" note. If the producers are going to copy Martin's conclusion, there is at least some hope.

Of course, we're not going to bet on any of the following "game of thrones" endings. To be honest, that's a bit too much to hope for, but let's talk about some good happy endings for game of thrones season 8. Game of thrones season 8 is just around the corner. Which of the five happy endings do you see most?

Dragon mother and Jon live happily ever after

Although their relationship didn't last long, it quickly became a defining element of game of thrones. While some fans object to their relationship (the two are actually nephews), the combination of fire and ice, and the show's two most extreme and popular stories, certainly makes the epic story even better. And it was consensual!

Of course, there are plenty of obstacles to Jon and the dragon mother's path to happiness in season 8 of game of thrones. They are both major forces in the fight against the night terrors, and as the game draws to a close, no character's survival is guaranteed. Painful sacrifice must have been a factor in the final battle, and both Jon and dany were perfect for the sacrifice. Furthermore, their romance may get into trouble when they discover their relationship, or when the dragon mother discovers that her long-vaunted iron throne has actually been replaced by her nephew (boyfriend).

Sansa ruled winterfell peacefully in her own way

Sansa stark is perhaps one of the saddest characters in a series that is littered with scarred and tortured characters. It's always been hard to know what role the eldest stark daughter will play on game of thrones.

But given sansa's political purity, she might be one of the best choices for the season 8 finale. In many ways, she represents the future of westeros, a powerful woman traumatized and determined to make her environment just and peaceful. Sansa knows better than anyone what it feels like to be powerless and at the mercy of a terrible ruler. Who better to pick up the pieces and humanize westeros after the night elf war?

Remarkably, it was a particularly fitting and happy ending for sansa. At the beginning of the story, sansa was a silly, innocent girl who longed for the charm of king's landing. It now seemed perfect and possible for the lady of winterfell to use her hard-earned political skills to steer the north towards peace.

3. Suddenly bran was out of crow mode and back to normal

Bran stark's "game of thrones" storyline is strange, but crucial to the show's overall narrative. But it also causes young bran to become a soulless, drab shadow of his old self after he is paralyzed, taken hostage, dragged north, and enchanted.

After accepting the task of the three-eyed crow, bran stopped caring about human feelings and concerns. In season 8 of game of thrones, he'll sit in front of the fire at winterfell, muttering prophecy and exploring magic. Meanwhile, arya and sansa had to face the fact that their brother was actually dead, consumed by mysterious and strange forces.

So bran stark's resurrection, however unlikely it may seem, will be a surprise ending to his game of thrones story. Humans no longer need the power of the three-eyed raven to survive, and perhaps bran would break free himself.

James and brienne elope

Like mother dragon and Jon, we hope the two characters will not only survive the eighth season of game of thrones, but find happiness together. Jaime has at least one more thing to accomplish before the end of the story (see cersei), but if he can survive this fateful encounter the long-simmering relationship between him and brienne, based on real respect and high regard, may provide a touch of emotion in the end.

After all, brianna didn't give up on jaime. If anyone deserves a clear happy ending to this story, it's the loyal and determined breanna, who considers herself unlovable but still the most authentic knight in the series. Jaime's history is certainly checkered, but if he can succeed in atoning for his SINS, a peaceful and loving future may not be far off.

Tyrion and Sam change the world

It may seem like a small thing, but the fact that two of game of thrones' leading scholars have taken refuge in westeros's learning is a real victory for both tyrion and Sam. At the end of game of thrones' eighth season, the old city and all of its assets may need a massive repair, given that the bloody scene from "" dawn wars" "could spread across the continent. By working together, Sam and tyrion will have the opportunity to use their wisdom and faith to help the world and revolutionize the way westeros understand everything.

With their efforts, tyrion and Sam can free the castle from the shackles and prejudices of the past. Perhaps they will allow maesters to marry, or perhaps they will start completing educational reforms in westeros? If that's the only happy thing about the "game of thrones" finale, anything is possible.

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