V The Final Battle

V: The Final Battle (abbreviated as V:TFB) is a 1984 TV miniseries. It is a sequel to the 1983 miniseries written by Kenneth Johnson about aliens known as "The Visitors" trying to take over Earth. Johnson, however, left production of V: The Final Battle in its early stages, after completing a draft with three other writers. This draft was reckoned by the four writers to have delivered an exciting and emotionally satisfying conclusion, but NBC was not prepared to make the necessary budget available to realize the special effects. The network fired Johnson before he had the opportunity to make edits bringing The Final Battle in on a reduced budget. He is credited as one of the writers under the pseudonym Lillian Weezer.

V: The Final Battle is included in the V novel written by A.C. Crispin.

V: The Final Battle was played out over three episodes, set several months after the events of the original miniseries.

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