We are like Lady bird

This lovely youth comedy is a surprise. Rotten tomatoes ranked 167 fresh, be released just praise the most of the film, the heroine Ronan girl so far has been the Golden Globe Award, best actress nomination of the Screen Actors Guild Awards; the film itself has also won the New York Film Critics Association Award for best film.

Before the movie I can not understand, a youth film to many of the color out of the ordinary to great acclaim, winning the prize to get soft. But in fact it is unusual for the material of youth routines, with parents' rebellious, ignorant of love, adhere to the heart of obsession. Sounds a bit messy, but the new director Greta Gerwig will this semi autobiographical film was very real and very special, every section like acquaintance, but every section is surprise. Although you do not have the same experience with the heroine, but this movie brings your mood, will remind you of your high school.

Actress Christine in Sacramento, the capital of California, is a not what fame, some boring city. Her father mediocre, unemployment, the economic situation at home is not ideal, but her dream is to go to New York, go to the eastern city college, "she said that like I want to go to where culture is." her mother's biggest differences and does not support her mother in this dream, we do not trust from Chrisitine, on the other hand also because there is no money to let her go so far. When the mother sarcasm she said, you should go to the town's Community College, could not read into the prison, after you can see the people around you pay. Chrisitine to directly open the door to jump out of the vehicle, and then broke his arm.

Chrisitine and the mother daughter relationship has always been very nervous, she felt that my mother could not understand she did not love her, they will meet each other. On the contrary in the movie, Christine's father played the role of the harmonic relationship between mother and daughter, he said to Christine, you are just too much like your mother's personality.

So I think our each person's personality, are our parents. As we grow up, subtle influence. In adolescence, each of us for a variety of reasons trivial quarrel with their parents at the. I have many friends to chat with their parents and live mode, it is difficult to have people think that parents can understand their own support. The biggest problem between us and our parents to most parents are willing to lay down their authority to try to understand us, whenever we want time to take control of your life, there will always be unrealistic not mature like reason to stop.

movie impressed me most is a Christine, the mother said to her, "I just want you to be the best vision of yourself that you can"

Christine is wearing her own pick prom dress, walked out of the room, said to her mother, "What if this is the best vision"

Perhaps this is the best of me, or let me live into my own love look well.

Christine himself took the name "Lady Bird", and asked all the people called her, she dyed pink hair, unbridled personality. She participated in the school musical, know with love. With the first love together, the name of the first home secretly put the writing on the wall, on the face can not hide butterflies smile. Youth love ah, regardless of results, not right or wrong, you have the love with vigour and vitality, is the most meaningful thing.

Our lady bird had a good friend Jules, she is ordinary, the fat, the class is the most humble girl. Christine with her lying together and said, I have to eat fat, the other answer, I also ah. Later Christine with all the adolescent like us, vanity occupation heights, like the coolest girls in the class to become friends, to lie and say their home is the house of the town of fancy. In order to integrate into the coolest girl friends, she thought Christine to become very cool. But become the coolest girl and not so interesting, as that one of the most personality Caixing ah, you are you, don't be anyone.

This movie reminds you of what memories and resonate?

I think too much, I think of my high school, wearing large school uniforms, night classes end way out of the school, was the most hope that one day out of this small city, go farther, go to the "where culture is"; do you really want to do, you can freely freely. But it came from home in one hundred and eight thousand place, really to imagine the same. After it came to New York like lady brid, a hangover, look to the sky in the eyes, less excitement, more disappointed and lonely.

I once saw a sentence in micro-blog,

Unique is an illusion, is a pure product of young people, is a form of pretentious.

To grow up is to accept disappointment and self acceptance process, may everything as you wish, may everything you can't. But to accept not perfect, accept their own shortcomings and ordinary.

But the feeling is the most unique, a cavity blood and pretentious me, is the movie lady bird.

Look at the youth in all of this, I like the cinema on the back of the more than 50 year old aunt, cried and laughed together, these memories in life in the most ordinary bit by bit, by the director with a youth comedy together, always let you find your own role, to touch your heart and the most warm place.

I think every one of us was Lady bird, with the most lively the most enthusiastic youth with the world collision. At the end of 2017, we are from the youth crazy and persistent yourself more and more far, like Lady Bird from her own name, telling the new friend, I'm Christine.

Our young birds are gone for ever, wish you a brave forward, always remember the home town, the most shining in the sun.

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