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About TV Series dvd

Here we supply TV shows, TV series, music CDs, disney dvds for 13 years already since 2018. TV series dvd is mainly for US TV programmes.In the long-term development process, many traditions of US TV programes stand gradually, “season”is the operation pattern modern  audience understood. “the season” is each big television network broadcast that the new work in the season, and will start generally from mid-September to next year late April,It usually is long as approximately 30 weeks. Every year the autumn, the American Television network promotes own new opera in abundance, The weather is cold at this time,so the people would like choose watch TV instead going out.

The television network is the American television system's main body, is essentially one manages the television program the big company. Usually, each big television network has many television stations in the land, they provide the program content to these television stations. The American main television network has following:

Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), one of the three major U.S. radio and television, are more main crime drama, including "CSI" "Ghost Whisperer" and so on.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC), the Big Three, one of the United States the first nationwide radio network, the main repertoire of "Friends" "Law & Order" "The West Wing" "Super Heroes" and so on.

TV series are the fittest item for dvd dropshipping. bec. it's boxset, usually 1KG to 2.5KG for a box set, a little big packing for wholesale but very good for dvd dropshipping. That is why 80%  dvd dropshipipng orders are TV series dvd dropshipping.

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